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To survive in these days
There’s a price everyone pays
Unconcern sounds fair
You don’t care – Why should I care?
You would say it’s no use
To confront the abuse
“Damned are the few” – But does it make sense?
When millions are shut down by the tens

In rows they march along
In high spirits and god on their side
Fed with propaganda
Yet paleness they cannot hide

While we turn the laws of physics against ourselves
While we follow the path of war
When life has so much to offer
Take your time
It’s alright…
…No, it’s not

Lust, Greed, Superiority
Confusion in one’s head breeds chaos all around
Once you denied your principles,
You lost your freedom, you’re bound

They oppress you; they keep your mind in their hands,
Misguiding the direction
Of your mental attempts.
So crafty a conduction –
You would never tell if they lie
No matter how much more
There are to die.
Now you are ready to excuse
The methods and the tools they use –
You feel inferior
While they distort the truth
We no longer believe
They’re human like you and me
Submitting to the authority
Makes you feel free.

Reach out your hand to the unknown
Open your eyes – you’re not alone
There’s nothing to be afraid of
We were born to congregate
There’s yet so much to create.
You were born in equality
Misbalanced by the stupidity
You are not obliged to cling to this ordered madness.
Decomposing morality
Instead of your own personality
They subdue your intentions to build the reality.

We own our lives no more
We are what we fight for


from Balmageddon EP, released June 3, 2013



all rights reserved



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