Balmageddon EP


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This is our debut EP. Please, give it a listen, it would mean a lot to us.


released June 3, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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Track Name: In The Name Of Balcony
Verse 1:

To look at the past
It's always been this way
What's been built to last
Comes to its end today

This is one thing you can not neglect
Everything has its cause and effect
Would you expect us to forget,
Now that your life's under a threat


We've been apart
Lost on the track
Now it's the time for us to strike back
Gather around
For the revolt
We are not giving up this world

Verse 2:

For time that is lost
Someone will have to pay
Prepare for the worst
But hope for better days
They have been testing us long enough
Don't let their masters sit back and laugh


Choose your side
While it still is not too late
No more pride
You're the one to shape your fate
Those who sinned
Left the earth in agony
Join the march
In the name of Balcony

Bridge 2:

We own our lives no more

How many days
It's been since you thought
What's ahead and not in the past?

How many times
You've preached that this world would end
That should be your last


What has been done
Can not be undone
Track Name: Familiale
La mère fait du tricot
Le fils fait la guerre
Elle trouve ça tout naturel la mère
Et le père qu'est-ce qu'il fait le père?
Il fait des affaires
Sa femme fait du tricot
Son fils la guerre
Lui des affaires
Il trouve ça tout naturel le père
Et le fils et le fils
Qu'est-ce qu'il trouve le fils?
Il ne trouve rien absolument rien le fils
Le fils sa mère fait du tricot son père des affaires lui la guerre
Quand il aura fini la guerre
Il fera des affaires avec son père
La guerre continue la mère continue elle tricote
Le père continue il fait des affaires
Le fils est tué il ne continue plus
Le père et le mère vont au cimetière
Ils trouvent ça tout naturel le père et la mère
La vie continue la vie avec le tricot la guerre les affaires
Les affaires les affaires et les affaires
La vie avec le cimetière
Track Name: Treachery Tutorial

I think it's right
I know it's not


If I were you
I'd look around -
Is it really worth fighting for?

By the time you come
It will be too late
If it's not already so

So drop your weapon
And pick up mine

The price of freedom
Is not so high




How does it feel?
How does it feel,
Running head first
Into a wall?

How does it feel?
How does it feel,
Having accomplished
Nothing at all?

Say what is right
Say what is not
Who do you judge
What do you know

Say what is right
Say what is not
Not that I care,
The price of my freedom is low

Verse 2:

So drop your weapon
And pick up mine

The price of freedom
Is not so high

I always wonder
What we've become
In better days
We were the one
The unity
No one to break
What led us astray?
Where did we make mistakes?
You might be thinking
It's done with me
I lost my faith
And empathy
But you are wrong
My heart still burns
And I'm just waiting for a sign
To join your rows

You don't wanna know
What they can do
There's only one way out for you

You don't wanna see
What they will do
To those who mean so much to you

Join us!
Become one of us!
The war is almost over

You don't wanna know
You don't wanna see
What they do to us
What they did to me
If you choose to fight
Hold your weapons tight
And forgive my treachery
Track Name: Balmageddon
To survive in these days
There’s a price everyone pays
Unconcern sounds fair
You don’t care – Why should I care?
You would say it’s no use
To confront the abuse
“Damned are the few” – But does it make sense?
When millions are shut down by the tens

In rows they march along
In high spirits and god on their side
Fed with propaganda
Yet paleness they cannot hide

While we turn the laws of physics against ourselves
While we follow the path of war
When life has so much to offer
Take your time
It’s alright…
…No, it’s not

Lust, Greed, Superiority
Confusion in one’s head breeds chaos all around
Once you denied your principles,
You lost your freedom, you’re bound

They oppress you; they keep your mind in their hands,
Misguiding the direction
Of your mental attempts.
So crafty a conduction –
You would never tell if they lie
No matter how much more
There are to die.
Now you are ready to excuse
The methods and the tools they use –
You feel inferior
While they distort the truth
We no longer believe
They’re human like you and me
Submitting to the authority
Makes you feel free.

Reach out your hand to the unknown
Open your eyes – you’re not alone
There’s nothing to be afraid of
We were born to congregate
There’s yet so much to create.
You were born in equality
Misbalanced by the stupidity
You are not obliged to cling to this ordered madness.
Decomposing morality
Instead of your own personality
They subdue your intentions to build the reality.

We own our lives no more
We are what we fight for